INDIA launches first: Newly developed IFTD protocol based music learning online class module globally launched

141 is half a decade old global online music coaching class provider from NCR, INDIA. WebSite has developed a brand new multi user calling protocol referred as IFTD multi line interface technology.

Technology was officially launched from and by INDIA on 24 July to serve planet earth at the end of a live 2 days student record and documentation event as a successful final test. Students from remote location called to register their official records. highlights of Techlaunch event on 23 and 24 July 2020 are available on website.

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Event on screen was hosted by Guitarsir. Guitarsir is the co founder of mother academy and is serving the website as prime coach for global guitar class portfolio.

Academy also operates a customised guitar training module as guitar.sir for absolute beginners to learn guitar the fastest way. Students from various countries are serving and learning under guitar.sir module.

Site hosts various coaching centres under mother academy umbrella as centralised hosting system to offer variuos online subject coaching facility.

Secure, Locked, Joyful, Uninterrupted, and Unbeatable IFTD online guitar class experience

Site works closely with mother coaching academy and hosts academy complete portfolio to support academy operating functions like class, record and document, parents meeting, rewards and recognition events and many more functions for mother academy to serve seamlessly across the globe.

Music teaching industry is going through a rough phase where existing teachers are not fully equipped and trained to incorporate technolgy in their professional workplace after lockdown aftermath and restricted movement. has come up with one stop solution to not only learn, but record, document, organise, channelise, and promote their music learning work.

Website also offers great support to teachers and schooling institutions who are struggling and looking forward to convert their class to upgraded online coaching standards.

Existing students who are using guiltfree music station are excited as they say.

“we never got a thing in return to fill copies in school class. music station justifies the work we do during class and after class too. They showcase and also promote our classroom records to world”

Ipsita from mumbai